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today is a good day.

heck yes it is.

first of all, i mean hello, it's FRIDAY.

second of all, the rest of my loan stuff went through today.

third of all, i get to party with gray and olivia tonight. and we know how that always turns out. a good time.

fourth, i got a confirmation email today from telling me that both sets of GREYS ANATOMY SEASON 2 that i ordered are on their way to my house and to my dorm. YEAAAAH. i can't wait. I've been in such withdrawals. like whoa. so hopefully it will be here by tuesday. and i got them wicked cheap too....$39.99 each and then a $10 rebate. very exciting.

ummm hopefully a USTA tennis clinic for me tomorrow! i need to call the intramurals department right now and get that figured out. okay i guess not cause it's filled up but oh well.  i'll have to play sunday or something ;)

and oh! i'm rocking my chemistry class yet again. i feel like it's gonna be and up and down battle all semester, but for now it's up! and with a quiz in less than a week that is GOOD! :)

have i mentioned that I LOVE OSWEGO???? :D
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