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today is my birthday and it is GREAT.

last night, i got my nose pierced, as you know. then the ladies of 352S, the brothers of 409S, and amanda all got down for some cayuga hall-style beer pong that went well into the wee hours. such fun. i got pretty wasted, cause well, i drink liquor and that makes you drunk faster. but it was fun.

getting up for class at 8:00 this morning? not so fun. but i am a trooper and i did it with a smile on my face. :P

so here is the plan for the rest of the day. lunch with gray and megan at 1:45. media law 3:00-4:20. working 6-10. afterwards megan and amanda are convinced that they're going to take me down to water street. i say we'll see.

and now, i have to clean our room. poor old 352S took a beating last night :P

but it's my BIRTHDAY! and i'm 23. (ick.)
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