Lacy Gracy (crazylace01) wrote,
Lacy Gracy

now, first thing's first. i still love oswego.

but it's days like today that makes me miss the hell out of oakland.

i'm lonely.

my roommate went to another one of our friend's house for the night
my best friend and i are in a capital-f Fight.

things are about to change. when did i let myself get so dependant on one person?

i wish i could afford to come out to michigan BY MYSELF for a weekend. but after the last minute cancellation of a couple of weeks ago, and then the attempted, but failed, trip of last weekend i cannot afford to take any more time off of work for a long time, like probably won't be able to go out there until spring, long time. that makes me sad.

yeah. i'm going to bed. the only good place for me, i have a feeling. :\
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