Lacy Gracy (crazylace01) wrote,
Lacy Gracy

goodness i've gotten awfully lazy about updating this thing!

so the semester is done. grades are in. i passed everything. i got a b+ in chem, which was my highest grade, and pretty exciting.

other than that, i've been extremely busy with work. i'm more looking forward to christmas being a day off more than anything :/

i went up to oswego on thursday night to do one last night on the bar scene with the lovely 7040 ladies before adrienne moved back home...very good night, indeed.

i went christmas shopping with the bestest today. we were both miserable and cranky due to a severe lack of sleep for both of us (i'm talking like 3-ish hours of sleep each.) and we're both a tiny bit on the sick side so today could have been an absolute disaster, but it ended up being quite fun. and our shifts at work tonight got cut from 3-12 to 7:15-12 so we both took like a 2 hour nap after i watched him wrap all of his presents. so that helped a bit.

so why was i up so late last night?

JOHN AND TINA are here!!! :D they flew in last night and i met them at the fireside inn after i got out of work and we had a very fun, albeit late, night.

tomorrow, i've got to bake a cake for dan bernholz as he is leaving my for the big bad world of new hartford. and i'm working 10:30-4. then i'm finishing up some christmas shopping. then i'm gonna pass out for the rest of my life.

merry christmas everyone! :)
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